Regret Causes Motivation for People to Seek Out Options for Tattoo Removal

With tattoos being so prevalent now, the desire to have at least one tattoo removed at some point has become relatively common. The process of laser treatment at a dermatology clinic can lighten the markings significantly so any ink left is barely noticeable.

Why do people decide to have these designs removed? There are some common reasons.

Employment Concerns

Several years after getting a neck tattoo, for instance, a person realizes that he or she wants to be able to hide the designs when this might be advisable. This might be required by an employer. Long sleeves easily hide marks on the arms, but a neck tattoo is visible unless a turtleneck shirt is worn all the time.

Joining the Military

Various branches of the military have certain rules regarding tattoos for new recruits. The Army, for instance, prohibits these permanent designs on the hands, neck and face. They do not want any tattoos to be visible when the person is in uniform. Some individuals are fortunate enough to get a waiver when they sign up. Military branches also have restrictions on the types of designs they allow.

The Ex-Partner

People often regret choosing the name of a romantic partner as a permanent mark. At the time, they were certain this would be a lifetime partner, especially if they were engaged or married. Upon breaking up, however, it becomes clear that the tattoo was a bad idea.

Religious Symbols

Designs that relate to religious beliefs are no longer suitable if the person leaves the faith. An atheist does not want to have the sign of the cross permanently marked on his or her body, especially if it's nearly always visible to other people.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy at a dermatology center is the standard technique for tattoo removal. Success of the results varies by aspects such as natural skin tone, ink color, and size and depth of the design. Dermatologists can give prospective patients an idea of what to expect after the treatment has been completed.

Research shows that some 25 percent of people with tattoos regret at least one of those decisions. They may schedule an appointment at a clinic like Dermatology Center of Acadiana.